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Moonlight cinema

With Christmas behind us it is back to reality. Hard work and hot days. South Australia is sighing under the ongoing drought, desperately longing for some rain. The upside of this is that the heat doesn’t feel that bad, because it’s dry. We’ve had the first +40˚ days, but it was still bearable. And with airco virtually everywhere (work, car and bedroom) we are well equipped for the season.
Another upside is that the outdoor season really took off. A lot is going on right now: festivals, music and sports events. Next week the Tour Down Under will hit South Australia, which is the official kick off for the UCI cycling season. Most of the ‘tour de France’ teams will show up. Let’s see if they can handle the heat ;-)

One particular special event is the Moonlight Cinema. Every night around sundown people gather at the botanic gardens to have a picnic and watch an open air movie. While the film progresses the night falls and you’re laying under the stars, quietly enjoying the intimate atmosp…

Happy Newyear

Newyears eve in New Zealand, with Mirjam and Karl. Feel like joining us? Cheers to all of you !!!

We had a fantastic week in NZ. Beautiful country, and we were lucky with the weather. Thanks again Mirjam and Karl!
For a photo impression click here.