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Locked out

(Jan's phone conversation with RAA Road Watch late this afternoon….)
"So let me try to recap this: you want us to break into your car, but the car key is not in your car?!?"
"Eh, yes"
"Where is your car now?"
    "At home"
 "So why do you need us then?"
"What do you mean?"
"If you are home already, you don't need the car to get home, right?
"Well yes, but the thing is that my car key is in the house. You see?"
"No, I don't see"
   "And we left the home key in the car"
 "So why don't you grab the car key, open the car and get the home key?"
"Because I can't get into house either!"
"Hang on: so you locked yourself out of your car and out of your house at the same time?!?"
"Something like that yes"
"How the %$#%@ did you do that?"
"Don't even ask."
"And now you want us to break into your car, so you can get the home k…

Bye bye Summer

Summer is officially over: last week our sweet honeymoon with Australia was rudely interrupted by something we had not experienced in a long time: rain. For a couple of days we had stormy weather, and even some hail. For a moment it felt like back in Europe: getting up early and whinging about the cold (although it was still 20°C). But then we noticed an important difference: rather than being grumpy, the locals were actually very happy. Finally fresh air, and some relief for the poor dry countryside. Indeed the rain was desperately needed, as our photo impression “Around Adelaide” proves. So funny enough South Australia is hoping for a wet winter…

The summer has been great though, with almost six months of sun, beach, BBQ’s and loads and loads of festivals around the city. Especially in Feb and March it was just impossible to keep up with everything going on. You need at least a couple of summers to be able to attend all activities. Click here for some photos of our first Summer in A…