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Winter Wonderland

It felt a bit odd, ice skating on a warm and sunny day with views across the beach, but it was absolutely great. Right on the Glenelg Jetty a Winter Wonderland ice-arena was prepared. It even came with a snow machine!

For Mum and Dad it had been at least ten years since they last put under some skates. And for the girls it was the very first time on ice. Fantastic experience !

Tooth Fairy

Finally after such a long wait Nora’s first wobbly tooth came out. It was carefully brushed and put in a glass of water at her bedside. But does the tooth fairy really exist?

Well, this morning we got the answer. The tooth fairy had visited us over night and carefully swapped the tooth for some gold coins. Allegedly Nora saw her from under the blanket: she was small and had blue wings. And the tooth fairy even told Nora that she was 8 years old. Just so you know …