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The Wiggles

The whole family - or rather the whole city - went to see the Wiggles today in the Adelaide Entertainment center. The Wiggles are a global phenomena: with their songs and shows they have been an integral part of every childhood for the past 21 years, including Nora and Ella’s. Everyone knows ‘Hot potato’ , ‘Dorothy the dinosaur’ and ‘Big red car’. And if you don't then you have some catching up to do!

Today was the last time the original cast played in Adelaide. Three of the four Wiggles are retiring and handing over to a younger generation. Farewell Greg, Murray and Jeff, It was Wiggly fun!

Christmas pageant

Christmas pageant in the Adelaide Hills today. All local school-kids, kindergartens and volunteer organisations came by, as well as Santa Claus himself. Yes, the season has officially started !

Gimme some lovin'

Blues Brothers party at the Bijlsma's