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Child Care

Another big step in the life of little Nora: she’s going to Child Care. Since Mum will start working again in the handbag shop this week, Nora is playing with her new friends at Child Care for two days a week.

We first tried for a couple of afternoons, and last week she completed her first full days. Nora did really well. She's been eating well, she slept a couple of hours every day, and most of the time she is playing already in the toddler room, with the older kids. 
We’ve been waiting for a while before we got a spot, but we are very happy with this one. The staff is really caring, flexible, and there is a happy atmosphere that affects everyone around. And they were well aware that leaving behind your child for the first time is often much harder for the parents than for the baby. Yes, there were some goodbye tears, but not for Nora. She just jumped into the action straight away.

Funny enough she only cries when we pick her up again at night!?! The minute she sees us, it’s l…

Happy Birthday Daddy

Daddy is celbrating his first birthday as a daddy. For this special occasion Mummy made a real nice birthday cake. In fact she made it twice: the first one without flower, and the second one with flower! Guess which one was best ?!? We went to the beach, our favorite place in summer. I was soo cool with my sunglasses! Later tonight Dad will be out in town with his mates. I bet he's trying to be just as cool as me ......

Happy Birthday Daddy !!!

Oh Oh, she is crawling ....

..... now nothing is safe anymore .....

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