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Pffff, that was a big project. But we are finally seeing the end of it. We moved across to our new house in Bridgewater, and have handed over our old place. And despite the fact that there are still many smaller jobs to be done, we now have most boxes out of the way and it is starting to look like a real home. And just so you know: we love it. So much more space and green here, and the neighbours actually come up to us to introduce themselves. Yes, this is a nice little town in the hills.

Our move coincided with the start of the winter. And since we are a good 600 meter higher than in the city, it’s no wonder that the nights get pretty chilly. We were told that by mid-winter the minimum night temperature can go down to 0°C !?!

Nora has done pretty well with all these big changes. Although she is still getting used to her new room, she is starting to enjoy her new environment. Our move also coincided with her starting to really walk. No stopping her now. Let her show you around in this


Yes, we are on the move again. After almost three years in Johnstone Place we are leaving North Adelaide tomorrow to go and settle ourselves in the Adelaide Hills. It is with a little sorrow that we depart, because this place has brought us great memories: our first arrival in Aussie, the BBQ's with friends and family, the lively atmosphere of the city and of course Nora's first year. And remember the owl on our patio when she was born? It's been a great start for us, but we are happy to move on. Next chapter is called Bridgewater !

Meanwhile Nora has decided she wants to be packed and shipped in the big box ....


Who says you can't have a proper Dutch national Koninginnedag outside Holland?!? Big party yesterday in our favorite Belgian beer place. Great turnout of Dutchies of all background and ages, and for sure all dressed up in Orange. Of course some of us had a private party at home ..... Lang leve de Koningin !!!

And for those who are not familiar with Koninginnedag (Queensday) try this very educative video !!!