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Swedish Midsummer

Hey hey, Swedish Midsummer again. Of course being Down Under for us it comes down to a Mid-winter party. But funny enough the weather here was probably better than in Scandinavia. We had a lovely sunny day, with plenty of food and some Swedish guest coming over to help us eat it all. As tradition has it we sang the songs (you know, the ones ending on ‘Skål’) and knocked down a few schnapps. Yes, it’s a tough job having to stick to traditions. And since Mummy couldn’t drink being pregnant, Daddy had to do double duty....  

 By the way, Nora and Damon had a ‘Ball’ too...

Week 24

Time is flying: we’re already 24 weeks into the pregnancy. Although it’s still 3.5 months to go, Mummy is looking forward to get it over with. This time around things seem a bit tougher than during the first pregnancy. Partly of course because we now have a little troublemaker on our hands to keep Mummy busy. Having said that, the 20 weeks scan looked just perfect. All measurements were spot on, and we even believe that little bubs was waving at us through the ultrasound!
So slowly but surely we are getting ourselves prepared for the arrival of our second one. Meanwhile Nora is already practicing her new role as big sister on the baby doll. The way she drives around the stroller just makes you hope and pray that her sibling will have no fear of speed or bumps!

Kiss kiss bye bye