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Ho Ho Ho there we go !

“Jan and Mikaela on the move” is the title of this blog, and on the move we’ve been this year. From Holland to Sweden, on to Thailand and Australia. And although it has not always been an easy ride, it has turned out very well for us so far. In a way we still feel that we are on the move. Because arriving in Australia is one thing, but actually finding your way in life here is something different. That just takes time. When you think of it, there is so much to get used to. It’s a great adventure, and we’re still in the middle of it.

So do we never look back? Of course we do. Especially now during Christmas we often catch ourselves talking about ‘home’. Holland is ice skating on the lakes right now, while Sweden is getting ready for the traditional “Jul” celebrations. These are the moments that we really miss being with you guys. It’s the downside of being Down Under. There’s just no cure against it. And there shouldn’t be. We just miss you, as simple as that.

But before you start feelin…

Lucia at IKEA

Don’t think that people give up their traditions, just because they migrated. Last week we had a BBQ of the Dutch community in Hahndorf, a small town in the Adelaide hills. The Dutch keep contact through an internet forum, and about thirty people showed up. Although it sometimes felt like speaking a foreign language(it was July since we last heard Dutch around us) , it was great to meet so many people who went through the same thing as we did. Some of them were here for orientation, like we did a year ago. Others have been here for years, and see their kids grow up as half Aussies. But nevertheless, they were planning a Sinterklaas event for the kids!

Today it was the Swedish community who rang their bells. They gathered together at the IKEA (where else?) for the traditional Lucia celebration. Most Aussies didn’t have a clue what was going on, watching this procession of white dressed kids with candles going past the Billies towards the meatballs. But those who could sing along the lyr…