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When it rains in South Australia

Who said that in Australia the sun is always shining? Look at us here on our weekend in Victor Harbor. We completely flushed away.

South Australia currently is having its wettest winter in 20 years. This is very good news actually. The state has been on water restrictions for many years now due to severe droughts. Adelaide water supplies mostly depend on rainwater catchments in the reservoirs up in the hills. The water levels had dropped to critically low levels over the last couple of years. In winters these were supposed to catch up, but it was hardly ever enough, until this winter. Currently we’re up to over 60% of capacity, which is a luxury. So you could safely say that the locals are ‘singing in the rain’.

Nora doesn’t mind to get wet though. We had a spa bath in our Victor Harbor hotel room. It was large enough to fit in the whole family, and when we put the bubbles on it was party time for our little girl. This was her first night away from home, which was a huge sensation i…


This Sunday we went to IKEA for a new High Chair: another milestone in Nora’s career. Watch this video of the first time she joins us for dinner.

Talking about milestones, there are plenty to mention:
Nora is going on her first flight next week to Canberra for her Swedish passport, Mummy is already slowly preparing for solid foods, Daddy climbed Mt Lofty on his mountain bike last week (still hurts), and Mum and Dad celebrate their 6th anniversary this weekend. On top of that we had the coldest night of the season: down to 3°C.
So who says our life is not exciting?!?