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First Steps

It might be just a few steps, but here's the undeniable evidence that Nora is on the walking path !!!

Home Sweet Home

Breaking News: we bought a house! We will be trading the busy and lively metropole for a more relaxed environment in the Adelaide Hills. About 25 minutes from the city on the other side of Mt Lofty lays a charming and lush little town called Bridgewater. That’s what we’ll be calling home from next month on.

It’s a completely renovated three bedroom house with a modern kitchen and two bathrooms. In typical Aussie style it’s built on ground-floor only. And with around 1000m2 of land it has some nice space for Nora to play and run around. The house came on the market on Saturday, and we fell for it instantly. So we made an offer immediately and by Sunday morning we had the deal sealed. We’re still in shock, but what a nice Easter present, right?

Here’s a link with some pictures. We’d love to hear what you think …..

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. Its still great weather here in Aussie, so we're in for a long weekend with big egg hunts and Easter BBQ's with many other little and grown up friends. Maybe I finally get to taste some chocolate .... Yeahhh !!!
Do you like the Easter egg I painted at child care?By the way: have you seen me walking around with my new bike yet? Click this VIDEO