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Special Christmas guests

We had some very special guests this year for our traditional Swedish Christmas dinner. Late at night this koala mum with little joey on her back rocked up asking for leftovers ...

Merry Xmas everyone


Weekend in Melbourne

Yoohoo, weekend away in Melbourne. While Morfar (Grandpa) took the girls to the Swedish Christmas party in Adelaide, Mum and Dad had their first trip away without the kids in almost six years.

Taking a relaxed stroll through town, dining out, playing pool, shopping (Mikaela was in heaven at H&M), going to the musical and having a few too many drinks …. It was just great!

Thanks again to the world’s greatest Morfar for letting us do this. We can get used to this !

School Christmas Carols night

Food and Carols night at Aldgate Primary. Here's Nora with her classmates from Reception and Year1. Its a bit hard to hear, but the song they are singing is called "Green, Green, Green".

Just a few more days and then her first year at school is over. Nora has really enjoyed the reception class with Mrs. S and made lots of new friends. But now its time for the Summer Holidays !!!