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Visitor season

Summer is here and visitor-season has started. First we welcomed Torsti and Linnea (Susan & Annika’s mum) coming all the way from Sweden to say hello to Ella and Nora. Since Morfar is still in the middle of building the new guest-room, they resolved in renting a mobile home which was parked outside our house for a week.  They are off to see the Great Ocean Road now, celebrating Linnea’s 60th birthday, but will be back with us for New Year.

Then there was a blitz visit of Mirjam, who was on her way migrating back from New Zealand to Holland. It had been four years since we last met in Auckland, but as with really good friends it felt like it was only last week. We went to see the Kangaroos at Cleland and the koala’s at Morialta, and of course paid plenty of attention to our little girls. Good luck with your travels Mirjam!

And then of course there was the visit of Santa on Christmas Eve. While the Christmas tree was already overloaded with presents, he made his entrance to bring ev…

So many Santa's

Santa comes in many forms and shapes here in Aussie. There was one in Childcare, making his entrance in a fire truck with sirens and all. Then there was one called Tomten at the annual Swedish Christmas & Lucia event. And then there was this odd one that sounded a lot like daddy at the Dutchies celebration, called Sinterklaas. And we’re still expecting one on Xmas eve that might sound like Morfar!

One thing they all have in common: presents! They are coming in by the lot, and our girls are loving it. Another common thing is that no matter how many kids around, Nora is always the first one to walk up to Santa to check out the deal. ‘What’s up Santa?!?’