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Pharmacy Assistant

Great news: with straight HD scores Mikaela successfully completed her studies last week. Yes, mummy has been studying! About 16 months ago she started an online education at the Open College Institute for Pharmacy Assistant. After so many years working in fashion and handbag stores it was time for a change. With true dedication and all the way through her pregnancy she worked through 15 assignments in subjects like medicine, physiology, kids & baby care, skin care and even pet care!

So now we have a certified Pharmacy Assistant in the family. Anyone need some health tips?


So many breakthroughs happening in just one week:

The first breakthrough was Ella doing her first rollover. Only three months young and already on the roll! By pure luck we caught it on camera. It looks so effortless, as if she’s done it forever …
Then there was the breakthrough of Nora as a performing artist. See her on-stage singing her version of “Baa Baa Black Sheep” and “Old McDonalds Farm”. For sure the next Australian Idol, don’t you reckon?
Finally there was Morfar with a real breakthrough. After nearly two months of hard work turning the carport into a proper room, it was finally time to break through the wall to the living room. Yeah !
Round of applause for everyone!!!


Our little Ella laughing out loud with Mum. Happy New Year everyone !