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One year in Aussie

It's one year ago now that we arrived in Australia. Can you believe how fast time has been flying? It honestly still feels as if we just started our life here Down Under.
Although well underway with our jobs, many other aspects of our integration are still in an early stage. We still live in the same rental place that we found last year, and we will do so for at least another year. Not until we are permanent residents can we possibly afford to buy our own house (March 2010 earliest).
As for the social integration: that’s also just started. We have a lot of contact with other Dutch immigrants. They seem to find each other easily. But building more frequent and deeper contact with the locals is a slow process. This seems to be something that even Aussies from interstate confirm: it just takes time to become part of the South Australian communities.
Also, there is so much for us to explore in Australia. We’ve hardly seen anything of this continent yet. Although very soon we are goin…