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Night frost

While Cadel Evans wrapped up the Tour de France in sunny Paris (Go Aussie!), his fellow countrymen Down Under are coping with some really cold winter weather. This week we had the coldest night in the last 5 years, with a record low of -2°C in the Hills. Yes ladies and gentlemen, there is such a thing as night-frost down here, or at least in the Adelaide Hills. Quite an unusual experience though!

So what does one do on cold winter days? Well, if you’re not breeding babies (10 more weeks!), you can ride the ride, slide the slide, or follow the new national hero Cadel and bike the bike! Do you reckon Nora will ride the Tour one day?!?

Australia's new Idol

Everyone, give it up for Australia's new Idol !!! (and her daddy on guitar...)

Is this a heavy metal chick or what ?!?

Nora's new bed

Since a couple of weeks Nora has her own real bed. She'll show you herself what you can do with it ....