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Christmas cubby

The picture says it all: what a Christmas gift Santa brought this year: a mega sized Cubby House for the girls to play in. It easily fits the whole family (even daddy can stand up straight) and still there’s space for two kitchens, a table and chairs and a true shopfront with cash register. And what about the front porch with flowers and its own mail box?!?  Fantastic!
The driving force behind this best Christmas present ever is of course the one and only Morfar, who is back from his sailing trips. His work was already the envy of the neighbourhood, and with this latest master piece his reputation is once again confirmed: best Morfar ever!

So for us no need to go anywhere these holidays: all the fun is right here in the backyard. Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas Parties

It’s Christmas party season. Every club, school, company and network has their annual event crammed into the busy few weeks before Christmas. Today there were two parties.  First one with Childcare (or pre-school) at the Mr Lofty Botanic gardens, where Nora got her first face-paint. She asked for a pink cat and she got one! Then the traditional Swedish Christmas (Lucia) with lots of cakes (fika), dancing around the tree and of course Santa. God Jul everyone!

The Wiggles

The whole family - or rather the whole city - went to see the Wiggles today in the Adelaide Entertainment center. The Wiggles are a global phenomena: with their songs and shows they have been an integral part of every childhood for the past 21 years, including Nora and Ella’s. Everyone knows ‘Hot potato’ , ‘Dorothy the dinosaur’ and ‘Big red car’. And if you don't then you have some catching up to do!

Today was the last time the original cast played in Adelaide. Three of the four Wiggles are retiring and handing over to a younger generation. Farewell Greg, Murray and Jeff, It was Wiggly fun!

Christmas pageant

Christmas pageant in the Adelaide Hills today. All local school-kids, kindergartens and volunteer organisations came by, as well as Santa Claus himself. Yes, the season has officially started !

Gimme some lovin'

Blues Brothers party at the Bijlsma's

Another birthday

Hip hip hurray for another birthday. This is how it’s gonna be: just three days after Ella it is Mum’s celebration.  Of course we already had the party on Saturday, when Ella turned one. Gorgeous summer weather, so all kids outdoors on the trampoline swing-set playhouse and sandpit. And although all eyes were on our youngest girl (with a cake, party games, many friends and lots of presents) Mum was not forgotten. She got her own birthday cake with candles and the lot. And we sang for her too.

Happy Birthday Mum, with many years to come in health and happiness!

PS. Nora now seems to think that it is party time every day. Who’s birthday is next? 

Ella's first birthday

Big birthday today: our little Ella turned one! Can you believe how fast that went? It feels like it was only yesterday when mum was struggling to give birth to this well sized baby. Since then Ella has developed into a real personality. Sometimes calm and observing, sometimes full-on and loud, much more self-sufficient than her big sister, and almost always very happy. Just look at the pictures below, one for every month of her first year. If that doesn’t make you smile, what will?

We had a big birthday party with lots of kids and great weather today. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes, the cards and the many many presents. Ella had a fantastic day!
More about the party in three days, when it’s mum’s turn to wave the birthday flag. For now we just say: Happy birthday Ella!!!

Penguins and Pop Stars

So one sister is going around like a Penguin, while the other behaves like a Pop Star... 

Good luck trying to stay sane …

Royal Adelaide Show

We had a brilliant day at the Royal Adelaide Show today. First time for all of us, and what an experience it was! The annual Show is one giant ‘all in one’ fun park, farm barn, toy store, commercial expo and food paradise. Basically every man and his dog in this town has a stand, and over half a million visitors pass the gates in just one week. Even the schools get a day off for it.

No surprise Nora had a ball: so many animals, so many rides and so much candy. Even Ella kept herself awake throughout the day, too excited to miss out on the fun! For sure we'll be back next year ...

Father's Day

Thank you girls for the wonderful presents and crafts, the super-sized schnitzel, and for turning on the great weather! Couldn't have been a better Father's Day !

5 Years in Oz

Remember the picture below? That was 5 years ago, when we first arrived in Australia. No house, no car, no  job, no nothing. Just following our dream for a new life in Australia. See here to refresh your memory…

And look at us now, at the same spot as where we started our journey 5 years ago. Apart from them changing the bench (!) can you spot the difference?!?  A house, two cars, jobs, a rich network of friends and contacts, citizenship, and most importantly two daughters (one with a funny Aussie accent!). 

The journey has been great and we are happy and proud of where we are today. And although we still can't stand Vegemite (except for the girl with the funny Aussie accent) we can safely say that Australia is our home now.

Farm barn

We visited the Hahndorf Farm barn this weekend. Very exciting with little lambs, duckies, chicken, calf, sheep, goats and all other typical farm animals. Highlight was Nora’s first ever Pony ride! Brave ah?

Nora was so excited that she insisted on having Pony tails in her hair. Of course Ella needed one too …

Victor Harbor

Every winter we do a trip to Victor Harbor to celebrate Mum & Dad’s anniversary (yes, already nine years together now!) For Ella this was her first time. Very exciting in the horse tram to Granite Island. And for once it was not raining when we were in Victor. Sunny and nice all day. If the winter stays like this, we are not complaining !