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5 Years in Oz

Remember the picture below? That was 5 years ago, when we first arrived in Australia. No house, no car, no  job, no nothing. Just following our dream for a new life in Australia. See here to refresh your memory…

And look at us now, at the same spot as where we started our journey 5 years ago. Apart from them changing the bench (!) can you spot the difference?!?  A house, two cars, jobs, a rich network of friends and contacts, citizenship, and most importantly two daughters (one with a funny Aussie accent!). 

The journey has been great and we are happy and proud of where we are today. And although we still can't stand Vegemite (except for the girl with the funny Aussie accent) we can safely say that Australia is our home now.

Farm barn

We visited the Hahndorf Farm barn this weekend. Very exciting with little lambs, duckies, chicken, calf, sheep, goats and all other typical farm animals. Highlight was Nora’s first ever Pony ride! Brave ah?

Nora was so excited that she insisted on having Pony tails in her hair. Of course Ella needed one too …

Victor Harbor

Every winter we do a trip to Victor Harbor to celebrate Mum & Dad’s anniversary (yes, already nine years together now!) For Ella this was her first time. Very exciting in the horse tram to Granite Island. And for once it was not raining when we were in Victor. Sunny and nice all day. If the winter stays like this, we are not complaining !