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Two years in Aussie

Important milestone this week: we’re in Aussie for two years now. And that means we can finally apply for permanency. The last couple weeks we’ve been snowed under in paperwork and bureaucracy to get everything completed. First Nora needed her own passport, before we could apply for a temporary visa like ours. Only when that was granted, could we lodge the real thing. But that’s done now, so from here on it’s up to our friends of Aussie Immigrations.

So what’s the ‘state of nation’ after two years?
We feel we have built up a life here. The social network has been growing steadily over the last period, especially now with Nora. South Aussie is very family oriented, and it’s easy to make contact to other young parents. In terms of work Jan increasingly enjoys his double role as project manager and account manager for Eclipse’s clients in SA. And although Mikaela is on maternity leave, she is looking forward to join Details handbags again after Christmas. Also there is still plenty to di…

Girls talk

Who says you can't have a good talk with a four months old?!?

(if you cannot see embedded video above, just follow this link)