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Counting Down

Yes, we are getting ready for the big day. In week 37 now: less than four weeks to go until estimated due date. Funny enough it's calculated on Friday the 13th. We take that as a lucky sign!!! The baby seems to be doing fine. It’s kicking and turning nicely in mummy’s belly, and is already responding to daddy playing guitar. Mummy is doing fine too, looking healthy and staying calm, despite the sometimes scorching heat. She’s simply designed for this kind of climate, as we concluded long ago.

We’re attending weekly parenting classes in the hospital. Highlight so far was practicing change of diapers on a baby doll. Just to make it a bit more realistic they added some Vegemite on baby’s bum. Surely we will not eat that again in a long time ;-) The nursery room is also ready now, and so are the bassinette, the cot, the playpen and all the other gear that one seems to need in expectance of a newborn.

All that’s left to do now is just wait. Are you counting down with us?

Hot 41

Imagine the temperature when he turns 60 ?!?

With another scorching hot day we celebrate another year.
And what a year it will be: very soon to become Daddy!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Jan !!!