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With the reconstruction out of the way we finally are finding some time to enjoy the summer. It’s still great weather, with temperatures hovering around 30°C.  Not too hot, not too fresh, just perfect. We like going to Aldinga Beach, where in true Aussie fashion you can drive your 4x4 onto the beach, put up your canopy, and start enjoying the surf.

BTW: have we mentioned that Nora is Potty trained? Already for a couple of weeks it’s no more nappies for our little girl. Or should we say 'Big Girl' now?!? And did we also mention that Ella now has her own room, and is practically sleeping though the whole night? Yes, things are happening this Summer ...

Spot the difference

Can you spot the difference? We can assure you: it’s the same house. And it now has a fourth bedroom, study or guestroom where the carport used to be.

All credit goes to a sailor called Morfar (Swedish grandpa). Yesterday we waived him goodbye at the Airport, after three months hard 7-days-a week work. In November he started the reconstruction project by tearing down the carport wall and carving out all bricks one by one. Then the concrete slab came in and the frameworks were put up for the walls and window. The bricklaying resulted in a seamless overflow from the old to the new walls. Then the complete interior with plasterboards, insulation, ceiling, doors, electrical, carpet, air-conditioning and built in robes were brought in, finalised by a new paved sideway path with child-fence.

The result is amazing. Outside from every angle it looks as if the room has always been there. Inside it opens up the living room, bringing fresh light and lots of space into the whole house. We can’t t…