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Parental Bias

Time is flying when you’re parenting a newborn. You have a distant clue of what’s going on out there in the rest world, but really all you are focused on is your small little family. Australia may have been hit by the economic downturn, the swine flu may have hit South Australia, and autumn may have hit Adelaide with some desperately needed rain …. But it all loses its relevance when you see your little one smiling at you.

Our lives revolve around feed, sleep play, cry, pee and poo. Every little detail is noticed with great care and appreciation. Nora is making progress in many different ways. For starters: she is steadily gaining weight, length and volume. Pretty soon her cry can be heard around the block ;-) Also, she smiles more and more. Especially the first morning smile is a big reward for the early wake up. And very important: our little girl is sleeping in her own cot for more than a week now. That’s in her own room, without mum and dad close by. Pretty clever for a two month …

Mothers Day

Big day today: mummy celebrated her first Mothers day. Time to spoil her with lots of hugs and kisses. Nora bought mum a present: a nice color for her hair. She will look even more beautiful now. And daddy had a little surprise as well. He lured the family to the Botanic gardens, where Femke and Casper were waiting to do a photo shoot. Mum hates to pose, but this way she had no choice (haha). So soon we’ll have some really professional family pictures.

Meanwhile you’ll have to settle with our amateur pictures: follow this link for a slide show of the last four weeks. Can you see how Nora changed? She’s becoming a tall girl, just like her daddy. Coming from 51cm and 3.7kg at birth, after seven weeks she’s already 59cm and 4.7kg. Feedings are going a lot better since we started to bottle feed expressed mother milk. And sleeping goes better and better as well. A couple of days ago for the first time she slept through the night from 12 to 6. That’s very promising, although not every nigh…