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School and Pool

After a long holiday the big day finally  arrived: Nora’s first day in school. The parents and grandparents - including Morfar - nervously gathered for the first drop-off at Aldgate primary School,all thinking the same: our little one is really growing up now.  It's a big step going to school every day, but the transition was made a little easier since much loved Kindy teacher Bianca is moving up with the group to Reception. So at least they see a familiar face, but they now have to call her Mrs.S !

Although exhausting for Nora, she is very excited and her first week went really well. Of course the extreme heat didn't help. With temperatures soaring up to 40 C the whole week (second heatwave this month), both kids and parents patience levels were pushed to the limit...

 Luckily Morfar had organised a big new inflatable pool in the backyard, shaded by our beach canopy. So every day after school, childcare and work the whole family is taking a dip to cool down. Best idea ever!