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Nora's Birthday Party

Hip Hip Hurray what a fun we had today at Nora's Birthday Party!!!

 Thank you Brayden, Ashton, Harper, Ruby, Tristan, Miles and of course Ella for joining the party!!!

Nora’s third birthday

Hip Hip Hurray, Nora turned three years today! For weeks she’s been looking forward to this day, because our ‘little’ girl is big enough to understand what birthdays are about: cake and presents!

Early in the morning Mum, Dad and Ella woke her up for a birthday cake with real candles (see video – yes it’s still dark). After opening the first presents it was off to Childcare, where all the kids sang for Nora and she shared vanilla ice-cream with everyone. Then back home for waffles, more presents and phone calls with Morfar and Pake. And although she just crashed in bed, it’s still not over. This Saturday we’ll have a party with her friends, more cakes and who knows: even more presents!

Thanks everyone for the all best wishes and the presents sent to us! Be assured they are in good hands ;-)

Ella's first solids

Here's the very first time Ella gets to taste some solid food.  Being just 5 months young Mum started easy with some rice cereals.  Hmmm, not too sure if Ella likes the idea ......