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See here how the Australian jury voted.  This morning at 7am local time - live on the laptop - our girls were following the Swedish victory of Loreen at the Eurovision song contest. Sweden 12 points!!!

PS. Isn’t it great to have a few different nationalities in the family? There’s always one country doing well. Next stop is the European soccer cup! Maybe a chance for Holland to make up for their Eurovision debacle ...

The future Voice of Australia

Ella singing 'Hi 5' with her purple toy microphone. Without a doubt the future Voice of Australia!

Mothers Day

Mothers day today. The fourth time already for Mikaela, but the first time as a Mum of two daughters. We had a great time despite the rain: we just moved our picnic indoors with blankets and food on the floor. Thank you Mum for being the best Mum in the world!

By the way: Nora had her first visit to a real hairdresser this week. We took her to KiddyHouse. She came home like a little princess: glitter in her hair and nails all polished. She absolutely loved it. Ella also had a ball this week on her new swing in the backyard. Best thing is that her sister is now pushing her!

Wildlife Intruders

Looks who is climbing over the fence into our garden? Indeed, Mr Koala took all the time in the world to intrude into our property, only to settle himself in a tree and keep us awake all night. Cute ah?

Talking about wildlife intruders: what about the fellows below? The stick insect has been spotted just once, but the possum and the huntsman spider are regulars at our place.

 All harmless, but they still manage to intimidate us a little. Will we ever get fully  used to life in Oz? ;-)