Wildlife Intruders

Looks who is climbing over the fence into our garden? Indeed, Mr Koala took all the time in the world to intrude into our property, only to settle himself in a tree and keep us awake all night. Cute ah?

Talking about wildlife intruders: what about the fellows below? The stick insect has been spotted just once, but the possum and the huntsman spider are regulars at our place.

 All harmless, but they still manage to intimidate us a little. Will we ever get fully  used to life in Oz? ;-)


Anonymous said…
WOW!!! Are you really sure the spider is harmless...uuhhhuuu!!! It looks really big and scary..
I guess the koala is as special as the moose is here in Sweden ?
What about the ouwl? Has she been there again?
Nice to see the pictures!!

Hugs to you all!! //Kim

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