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Lots of nice presents leading up to the holidays: Grandpa has finished the new pergola and put up a second garden shed. With the help of Gary our neighbour he moved the old one to the other end of the garden. Nora has been to her first Lucia celebrations with the Swedish club. She loved dancing around the Christmas tree. Or more precisely: everyone dancing around her. Also we’ve been to the Christmas party at child care. Of course Santa has left Nora a present. Very likely one of many more to come!
And yesterday there was a great present for all of us: we had our first Koala in a tree at the backyard. Can it get more Australian than that?

Busy Times

Busy times in December. This weekend we went to Henley beach, we put up the Swedish Christmas tree and we welcomed Sinterklaas in the park with all the Dutch kids (yes, daddy went for a newspaper and was too late again). Oh yes, and tonight Mummy is going to her company Christmas party.