Busy Times

Busy times in December. This weekend we went to Henley beach, we put up the Swedish Christmas tree and we welcomed Sinterklaas in the park with all the Dutch kids (yes, daddy went for a newspaper and was too late again). Oh yes, and tonight Mummy is going to her company Christmas party.


Anonymous said…
WOW!!! What a big girl!!!

I compared the pictures from last Christmas when you where visiting us in Sandhult - it's amazing how much she have grown!! :)
She is a little lady already!

Nice to see Sinterklas but "SvartePetter" looks very pale... :)

Well - here we have the most beatiful days. Snow and bright sunny days. Not so cold anymore and I hope it will stay this way until Christmas!
Take care!! Hälsa Affen!!

Kramar Kim

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