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Point Turton

We had the most wonderful week at Point Turton, York Peninsula. Our friends and neighbours Chris & Justyna (thanks guys!) have a beautiful summer shack right at the beach, ideal for a family with small kids. Every morning at 6am Nora jumped out bed to spot dolphins and pelicans. She loved to run in and out of the ocean all day, searching for shells and little crabs. Ella enjoyed the huge sandpit and was obsessed with the stairs connecting the beach up to the shack (imagine us running after her …) Dad couldn’t wait to take the 4WD for a spin on the deserted beaches, while Mum loved the private ocean-view diners at night.  Great week and great memories for all of us!


It has become a bit of a tradition to go and see the kids fireworks on New Years eve in the city. Lots of dancing, singing and of course some loud bangs to ring out another year. Ella was a bit unsure first, but then she decided she loved it. Nora, usually very loud herself, conceded that the fireworks were even louder and kept her hands on her ears all the way back home.

2012 has been a good year for our little family, despite the loss of Pake Sytze, Jan's dad. We are sure Pake would agree that the signs for 2013 are looking good, and that we are ready for some fireworks this year. So here we go guys, happy New Year !