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Happy Easter

So the Easter bunny might come to our house overnight if we put out a carrot at the front door?!? Yep, and it worked! With great care the carrot was put in place, and sure enough early this morning there was a basket of Easter chocolate treats waiting at the front porch. Well done kids!

Easter comes at the end of an interesting week for Ella. She had been in the hospital to get grommets (tiny tubes) in her ears to prevent ear infections. It all went very well and Ella proved to be a brave patient: she didn’t cry once.

 So the family has been preparing for a wonderful Easter with decorations, chocolate cake, guests coming over and of course a lot of chocolate! Happy Easter everyone!


Wow, that was fun! Nora’s 4th birthday party was just perfect. Great weather, great presents, fun games,  and a wonderful Tinkerbell cake made by Mum (Ella's favorite ;-)

Thanks for joining Lilly, Tilly, Lexy, Gracie, Brayden, Ashton, Lilly, Caleb, Ethan, Sam and Jasmijn !

Nora's birthday

After weeks and weeks of count down, the big day was finally here: Nora turned 4 today! The day started early at 5pm with Nora too excited to stay in bed. Then came the presents from Mum&Dad and the family overseas (thanks guys). Nora spent the day at Kindy, bringing Swedish cookies for all the other kids. Of course they first had to sing for her ;-) And back home another surprise waited: a brand new bike. Wow what a birthday dear!

 And the best is yet to come: this Saturday its party time !!!!

Beach walk

Just a week after her first steps Ella decides to go for a little beach walk ...