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Traveling with young kids is always a hassle, but when you travel to Bali it’s all worth it. And we did so this week in true Aussie style: limit culture to trying the local beers, and only do short ‘kids-friendly’ trips to the zoo and the beach. Otherwise just relax, do a bit of shopping, hang around the pool and wait for Happy-hour to start at 4pm. Kids easily help themselves with all the other families around, so before you know its way after bed time!

Bali is perfect for families. From Adelaide it’s less than 5 hours flying, pretty close by for Aussie standards.  Also many resorts are fully catered for kids, including playgrounds and daily activities.
Food is catered for all cultures and most of all it is soooo layed back and relaxed that mum and dad even forget about parenting from time to time.

We just arrived back this morning, but we’re already longing for our next trip. We’ll be back ...