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Clapping and Crawling

Life goes on, as Jan found out when he returned from the funeral in Holland last week. Perhaps inspired by her late Pake, Ella had chosen this moment to all at once learn how to crawl and how to clap. Isn’t is cute?

Not bad for an 8 months old girl, right?  Round of applause for Ella!

In memoriam - ús Heit

Last Sunday Jan’s Heit, Nora and Ella’s Pake, passed away at a respectable age of 82 years.
Although his love for life was never ending, his body was simply too old and too weak.
He departed as a happy man, leaving behind a loving wife, four very proud kids, and nine grandchildren, his greatest joy. Dear Heit, we are yours and you are ours. We will miss you dearly.

Leave Heit
Wat ik noch sizze wol, wit er al Wat ik noch diele wol, is der al Wat ik noch jaan wol, hat er al
It hoecht allegear net mear, it is al by him Yn syn hert  is it belanne, yn syn siel is it skreaun Syn libben mei ús is rûn, foar altiid  ferbûn Hy sit yn ús wézen, jo kinne it yn ús eagen lêze
Wy binne fan him, en hy is fan ús Dat sil altyd  sa wêze, jo kinne dat ommers yn ús eagen lêze
(In Frisian language by Oeds Bijlsma)