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It was the longest heatwave ever in any capital city in Australia. For 16 days in a row Adelaide suffered temperatures from 35° to 40° C. The streets were like a sauna, the walls in the houses started sweating, and the air-cons worked around the clock. South Australia has not had any proper rain since December, so the state is on high alert for bush fires in the hills areas. Funny enough that’s when you see most umbrellas around town: used for sun protection!

So what do you do to survive? If your name is Mikaela, you actually enjoy it and wished it could last a bit longer. However, most people stay inside, do nothing, and get a little grumpier every day. They just wait it out, and pray for some relief. Finally it arrived, with a forecast of around 25°C for next week. Still sunny and dry, but I bet Mikaela will dig up her winter coat soon ;-)

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It took some effort and patience, but finally Mikaela found her way back into the job that she likes best. "Detail handbags" is the employer, with exclusive stores in Norwood, Burnside and downtown in Rundle street and Myer shopping centre. So from next week on she is back in business!