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First steps

It's may be a small step for mankind, but it's a giant step for our little Ella. Please witness her first steps ...

Moving on

With grandpa Alf leaving this week the holidays have really come to an end. It’s been another great visit of the world’s best Morfar, leaving lots of fun memories for the girls including a huge Cubby house (now officially named ‘Nora & Ella’s shop’). Thanks so much Morfar and see you next summer !

 It was also goodbye for childcare this week, with Nora moving on to Kindy. Big moment of course, since this is the official start of her school days. For 2.5 days per week she will be learning, playing and making friends at Aldgate Kindy. The first day went great. Nora threw herself into it straight away, making sure she didn’t miss any of the action …

And guess who will be starting childcare as from next week?!? Yes, the family is moving on ….