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Just a few of weeks ago we were whinging about cold winter nights. But sure enough, we're at the end of August and Spring is already here! This week we are well into the 20°C. Let's hope the weather gods stay on course and grant us a couple of nice weeks before the latest Bijlsma arrives. Just 6 weeks to go now ....

Lilla Spöket Nora

HELP, Ghosts in the house !!! There's a small one and a big one.Everyone: Run for your life !!!!

Best friends

Here’s Nora with some of her best friends. First there’s Tristan. Nora and ‘Trissie’ play all the time like two cheeky boys, loud and enthusiastic, always up for some mischief. Watch out for anything that’s precious to you when those two are around! The other ‘friends’ are of course Dora the explorer, and her companion Boots. Want to come in the tent and have a play?