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Ella's casts

Poor little Ella: 6 weeks of casts on both her feet. Why? Because she is still tip-toe walking like a little ballerina. A habit hard to break, so we had to take some more drastic measures…

The good news is that she can walk on the casts. With a pair of big croc-shoes (toes and heel cut off) she is even running and climbing like it’s perfectly normal. Miss Groovy shoes they call her at Childcare, and apart from a few grumpy moments she is happy as ever!

Only 5 weeks to go!

Happy Birthday Mum

Hip hip Hurray: 35 today. Happy birthday Mum !!!

Happy Birthday Ella

Our little girl had a wonderful birthday yesterday: cakes, candles, party with friends and lots of presents.
And although it was way too cold and rainy for the time of year, it couldn't stop the fun. Happy second birthday Ella !!!