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Morfar is back

Hurray, Morfar (Grandpa from Sweden) is back in town! He’s here for a couple of months to help out with all the jobs that need to be done in and around the house.  He’s a true handyman, fixing all you can think of, like the floor boards, electrics, plumbing, the pergola and everything in the garden. Every day when we leave for work his radio is turned on and off he goes. And when we come home from work it’s always pleasant surprise to find what’s new or fixed.
For Nora his visit has all kinds of benefits. Morfar is there to play with, to assist when he does his jobs and to boss around when she gets bored. And she got some nice presents. This week he fixed her a sandpit. Think of how much fun that will be, walking the sand into the house on the new floor-boards!

Hip Hip Hurray

Hip Hip Hurray, it's Mummy's birthday today !


Nora learned a new word at childcare: 'Up'. See how she explains it ...

Finally Spring

Spring has finally arrived. After the coldest, wettest and longest winter in decades, South Australia is finally enjoying the good life again. What a joy. The upside of all that rain is that Adelaide Hills are looking beautiful, green and lush. This also goes for our garden through, so lots of work to be done. But hey: who cares? The bees are zooming and the birds are singing and we’re practically living outside in the backyard all day. Nora loves to be in the garden and play on her slide, or chasing the lizards. She likes it so much that she keeps on moving all her toys outdoors. Mum does her runs every morning in the sun and in the weekend Dad goes out on his bike through the vineyards, the bush and the green hills. It’s sooo relaxed here on this side of Mt. Lofty. And you know what the best part is? This is just the start of the summer. Not until end of April do we have to worry about moving the outdoor furniture.  Yep, life is tough Down Under ;-)

By the way: have you seen Nora an…