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Look who is there?!?

Yep, it’s for real. We are officially expecting! An Aussie-Swedish-Dutch-Frisian baby is in the making. In week sixteen now and it’s all looking very good. Due date is somewhere half March, at the end of the summer.

For us it is of course the greatest news ever. Mikaela has followed a typical textbook pregnancy so far: some nausea, tiredness, mood swings and a totally messed up taste for food and snacks! She even dislikes chocolate now!!! How crazy can it get?!? But it’s all looking good. We already had an early ultrasound and we saw the little one actively twisting, turning and even waving at us. It was even making loops! Clearly it is having a good time in mummy’s womb.

So once again we are ‘on the move’: another big and exciting change ahead of us. We can still hardly believe it ourselves. It’s such a new world to us that we often feel a bit lost. How do start a journey like this?!?


See here the winners of the ‘Who will be the first to visit us in Australia’ award: Denyse and Jeroen from IJsselstein. They were on their pre-honeymoon trip to visit friends and family Down Under. Congratulations guys!

We’ve had an absolute great and action packed time together. Went to see Adelaide, cycled the linear park, did the wine trip to Barossa Valley, explored the wildlife in the hills, sent them off to Kangaroo Island, drove the Great Ocean road and went dining and shopping in Melbourne. And all of that in just 10 days!

There were many highlights in this week, but one event really stood out: we finally saw a Whale! Yep, it was lying and waiting for us at Warrnambool beach last Friday morning. Apparently our visitors brought us luck. And good weather. Cause believe it or not, spring is coming!

Thanks Denyse and Jeroen for this wonderful visit. May it be the first of many more to come. And for all others: click here to see the photo’s. Or even better: come and visit us yourselv…