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Pre-school and Kindy graduation

This week marked the end of an era for Ella: her final days in Pre-school (childcare) and Kindy. Both had their graduation ceremonies. And not a day too early. Ella is sooooooo ready for school ...

Also this week we had the annual school Christmas Carols night for Nora. Her class was doing Rudolf the Red Nose Rain dear. Next year she’ll be in year 3. Time flies !

But first: Summer holidays !!!

Stirling Christmas Pageant

Christmas time has officially started with the Stirling Christmas Pageant for all Adelaide Hills kids. It was Ella's first time, walking with the Aldgate Kindy float. Nora's of course went with Aldgate Primary. "Aussie Christmas" was the theme, and fittingly it was very hot ... Lots of fun !!!

Big Birthday Weekend

It’s mid-October and that means BIG birthday weekend. Our little girl Ella is officially no longer little as she turned 5 years old! Big 'rock star' party with lots of friends from pre-school and Kindy. And the weather gods were friendly for a change. 
The day after the party it was Mum’s turn to spin the wheel of age. A solid family breakfast at Patch helped to manage the hangover of last night party, before grabbing a few more drinks in the afternoon (we had no choice, it started raining again ;-)
Happy Birthday Ella & Mikaela !!!

It never rains ...

You know the saying: "It never rains, it always pores". Well that was certainly true last week, when we recorded the highest local rainfall on record: + 100 ml in a single day?!?
Flooding everywhere in the Adelaide Hills. Fortunately our damage was limited to a broken storm-water pipe, which turned our deck into a pool and our pathway into a mess.

'Wild Life'

It may be nothing special, as the girls have been there so many times, but still Cleland wild life park is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon ...

Oh, and some of us are taking 'Wild Life' a bit too serious ;-) 

Alpine winter village

OK, its not the same as in Europe, but at least we gave it a go. The girls enjoyed the Alpine Winter village, although the ice skating probably wasn't their thing. The pony ride was a lot more up their alley. Guess we'll have to work on the real Viking attitude ;-)

Theatre Bugs - Out of the Pot

The opening song of Nora's Theatre Bugs performance this week in Aldgate. The  story 'Out of the Pot' was based on Hansel and Gretel. Lots of Witches and Elves. Our Elf is green one on the left ;-)

Swedish Midsummer

Yes its that time of year again: Swedish midsummer. Of course mid-winter Down Under but who cares?!?

The reputation of this tradition is building: this year was again bigger than the previous year.  A real May pole, lots of dancing, lots of song, glow in -the-dark disco, way too much schnapps and everything outdoor! We're turning Aussies blue and yellow for one day. Skål !

Nora's Bike Ride


Easter birthday party

Easter coincided with Nora’s birthday this year, so we had an Easter Birthday party! Seven years old is Miss Easter Bunny now, and she chose to have a swimming pool party with some of her best friends. Lots of fun, lots of presents and lots and lots of chocolate.

Happy birthday Nora !!!