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Nora's first Birthday

Hip hip hip hurray. Our little girl turned ONE today. And what a day it was!

We went up early to video-chat with Holland and Sweden. Pake, Froukje and Susan were all singing for the birthday queen. It was wonderful picnic weather so we had a party in Kensington Gardens with many of Nora’s little friends. And Mummy made a great (gluten free) birthday cake. And we had presents: lots and lots of them. Nora found it just wonderful. Why can’t it be a birthday every day?

Our girl is now officially no longer a baby, but a toddler. Mum and Dad were reflecting on this last night and realized how fast this first year went. The images of Nora’s birth are still fresh in our memories. Can you picture the early bruises on her head caused by the forceps? So many things happened since; the months have just been flying by. Think of the Owl that was posting in our patio the first weeks of her life? And the first time she did a rollover? And how she charmed everyone on her first grand European tour? An…

Going Up

Not yet walking, but its going really fast now. Next week it's Nora's first birthday, and how much has she developed in just one year?!?
The latest thing is that our little girl insists on climbing up the stairs. Nothing can stop her on her way to the top !

(if you cannot see embedded video above, just follow this link)