Going Up

Not yet walking, but its going really fast now. Next week it's Nora's first birthday, and how much has she developed in just one year?!?
The latest thing is that our little girl insists on climbing up the stairs. Nothing can stop her on her way to the top !

(if you cannot see embedded video above, just follow this link)


Anonymous said…
Oh oh!! Now she is un stoppable!! Lovwly to see here - happy with the new possability to see the world around her :)
Spring is comin closer to BorĂ¥s!! Still a LOT of snow but the sn has been shining this week so the snow melts quickly during daytime. Still cold at night thow.

All the best to you all!

Kram Kim
Anonymous said…
Cool!!! Now nothing is safe anymore, haha.

Big hug
Susan said…
So great to see her. I just wanna be there! You have your hands full now;)
Many hugs
Anonymous said…
The only way is UP!!!! what great to see her grow up like this... and like susan sais you have your hands full now....

lkots of love from Holland

XX rico en paulus

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