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Orange Socceroos

The World Cup soccer is on in full swing, which means many late nights or early mornings for us. With two teams to support it is vital to wear the right gear at the right time. Yesterday night we had to rapidly change after Holland’s Orange squad took on the Japanese, just to be in time to cheer on the Aussie Socceroos in their match against Ghana. Important to get your colours right!

But South Africa is not the only place where the action is right now. Look at our little girl ... only walking since a couple of weeks and already totally into the ball game. See this video.

Exploring Bridgie

Today we finally started exploring Bridgie, as the locals like to call our little town. We went down to the Bridgewater Mill, and made a nice walk through the woods. Since there are many trails we can follow in the area, we bought ourselves a little present: a baby backpack. Not one for Nora to carry, but for her to be carried in. As picky as she sometimes can be we were a little concerned how she would like it, but it was a great success. She loved being walked around: things to see everywhere. Luckily for daddy the trail ended in a play yard, so he could take a rest while Nora and Mummy were sliding the slide and swinging the swings (see video).