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Hej allihopa !

You know what we did today?
We went to the consulate to get me a nationality.

Now I am a citizen of a far away country that is famous for

Midsummer parties
Pippi Longstocking
Daim chocolate
Pirate Bay
Små Grodorna
and crazy blond girls.

Any idea where that might be?!?

My first weeks

Hi there. My name is Nora. I’ve been around for a couple of weeks now, so it’s about time I talk to you directly. Don’t you agree?

Life has been exciting so far. It was pretty comfy in mum’s womb for a long while, but I noticed it got tighter by the week. When I finally went to have a look at the other side, there was a lot of fuss going on in the hospital. But mum and dad were very happy to see me. After a couple of days they took me home, where I was welcomed by Mr. Owl. He’s been there ever since, looking after me.

The first weeks were so exciting that I really didn’t bother to sleep much. This was partly due to me and mummy struggling through our feeding sessions. It just didn’t work that well. Contrary to what mum’s magazines preach, my parents want me to gain weight. So they came up with a new plan. Mum now first expresses the mother milk with a pump, before feeding it to me in a bottle. That was a great move. Since then I haven’t been hungry anymore, and our little family got …