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Look at this active couple: Jan’s brother Oeds and his wife Marije are exploring Australia during this Christmas season. And what a program they have! From the tropical rainforest in Cairns, scuba diving with giant turtles and sharks on the Great Barrier Reef, to the crocodiles at the Daintree forest near Port Douglas. Then leaving Queensland to visit us in South Australia, where so far six koalas and seven dolphins have been spotted. Today the hunt for kangaroos is on (also very nice on the BBQ), before they throw themselves into the local New Year’s Eve festivities. Then the four of us will go on a road trip along the Great Ocean road to Victoria for some spectacular coastal views, to end up in the green and mountainous Tasmania. By that time they probably need a holiday to recover from all events!

While crossing half of this continent in just a few weeks Marije and Oeds even found time to bring us lots and lots of Christmas presents. Especially the Frysl├ón promotion gear for the bab…

Sinterklaas in Aussie

It was a long way from home, but Sinterklaas made it to Australia this year. As all Dutch kids know St Nicolas celebrates his birthday on the 5th of December with lots of candy and presents. If you ever wondered what he was doing the day after, now you know: he’s visiting the Dutch kids overseas. The local Adelaide kids gathered in Kensington park to welcome the good old man before he returns home to Spain. Funny enough this time he arrived by bike, rather than by boat. As always it was a great celebration for all parents and kids (see pictures and video), and Sinterklaas promised that he would definitely return next year.

Such a shame that Jan missed it all. He arrived just after Sinterklaas had left ;-)