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Royal Adelaide Show

We had a wonderful time at the Adelaide Show yesterday. Just as impressed as last year with the enormity of the event: over 50,000 visitors pass the gate every day for a massive day of fun and entertainment. What started as a traditional farmers show has now blown out to an all-in-one fun park, carnival, theatre festival, animal-park, horse equestrian, commercial expo and eating bonanza.

While Ella was a bit overwhelmed by the noise and the crowds, big sister Nora did all the rides on her behalf. Ella eased up when we reached to the farm animals, and amazed us by telling us what they were! And most important: both girls walked out with the ultimate show-bag … the Peppa Pig one!


The first day of spring in Australia coincided with Fathers Day. Absolutely awesome weather so we had a great day at the beach. See how the girls were chased by the waves!