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Going to Church

Who would have thought that our kids would grow up going to church?!?
After living in the hills for a year, we finally moved Nora to a childcare nearby. Going up and down to the city, even just once a week, was getting cumbersome. More importantly, Nora came to an age where she starts making contacts. And it would be nice if they live closer to home, right? We found a nice facility in Aldgate, just five minutes from home. She’s had three days so far, and already she’s making some friends. The place is located in a charming little old church building. So believe it or not, we are devoted church goers now. Well at least on Wednesdays .....

Mothers Day

Mothers Day today, so time to spoil Mummy. Nora and Dad went up early to make some nice crafts for Mum. Inspired by the colours of the rainbow which appeared over our house this morning, Nora made some very colourful drawings. After a special breakfast with chocolate and a card we went to see the wildlife at Cleland, just 10 minutes away at Mount Lofty. While Nora and Daddy were feeding the kangaroos and wombats, Mummy strolled along calmly in the sun. Almost halfway the pregnancy by now, so things are starting to get a bit slower and heavier. What keeps her going is probably the expectation that next year she’ll get twice as much chocolate for Mothers Day ...