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Christmas Pageant

Christmas season has started for our family with the annual Stirling Christmas pageant. Nora has been counting down to this event for weeks, as it was the first time she would join. Aldgate Kindy chose the theme ‘Toy World’ for their float, so lots of Toy Story figures.

Nora however had decided long ago that she would be a dressed up as a Ballerina, no matter what the theme was. From the word go she was marching ahead of the banner with three of her Kindy friends, right behind the marching band. Thousands of people watched over 40 floats come by before the last one with Santa himself. But of course our Nora was the star of the show. Well, at least of her own show ;-)

Koala season

Whats that in the backyard, up in the gums? Not one, not two, but THREE koala's !
Two males fighting over a female .... yes, that time of year ;-)