When it rains in South Australia

Who said that in Australia the sun is always shining? Look at us here on our weekend in Victor Harbor. We completely flushed away.

South Australia currently is having its wettest winter in 20 years. This is very good news actually. The state has been on water restrictions for many years now due to severe droughts. Adelaide water supplies mostly depend on rainwater catchments in the reservoirs up in the hills. The water levels had dropped to critically low levels over the last couple of years. In winters these were supposed to catch up, but it was hardly ever enough, until this winter. Currently we’re up to over 60% of capacity, which is a luxury. So you could safely say that the locals are ‘singing in the rain’.

Nora doesn’t mind to get wet though. We had a spa bath in our Victor Harbor hotel room. It was large enough to fit in the whole family, and when we put the bubbles on it was party time for our little girl. This was her first night away from home, which was a huge sensation in its own right. The hotel room walls were very thin, so we’re quite sure that the neighbors have shared some of her (nightly) excitement ;-)

Follow this link for some photo’s of Nora’s first Aussie winter so far.


Susan said…
She is adorable!!! The video was quite tooo!! Wish I could meet her irl.
Anonymous said…
You seem to be having a great time in your little family and Nora looks really sweet!

I concur with my sister that I´d really like to meet her! And you two too of course!

Great that it´s raining! Finally! = )
I miss you and hope I could get on an airplane today to come and see you!

Lots of love and many many hugs!
Anonymous said…
he sweeties, you look all very happy rain or shine. and you should... and finily it's raining also with you guys, here in ous summer it's also raining (off course;-( 0

lots of hugs, Rico and pauline

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