Lucia at IKEA

Don’t think that people give up their traditions, just because they migrated. Last week we had a BBQ of the Dutch community in Hahndorf, a small town in the Adelaide hills. The Dutch keep contact through an internet forum, and about thirty people showed up. Although it sometimes felt like speaking a foreign language(it was July since we last heard Dutch around us) , it was great to meet so many people who went through the same thing as we did. Some of them were here for orientation, like we did a year ago. Others have been here for years, and see their kids grow up as half Aussies. But nevertheless, they were planning a Sinterklaas event for the kids!

Today it was the Swedish community who rang their bells. They gathered together at the IKEA (where else?) for the traditional Lucia celebration. Most Aussies didn’t have a clue what was going on, watching this procession of white dressed kids with candles going past the Billies towards the meatballs. But those who could sing along the lyrics of ‘Santa Lucia’ showed their true identity. Mikaela and her friend Jessica among them of course. So ‘Sverige’ is alive Down Under. I bet that we have “Julgröt” on the menu tonight …

Talking about the Swedish: we would like to welcome beautiful little Wilma to the world. She is the daughter of Camilla (Mikaela's cousin) and her fiancé Stefan. We are so happy for them! A big congratulations from us. May she be shining like Lucia herself !!!


paulus said…
we were also in the ikea and so the pictures of santa lucia hihihihi crazy people those swedisch...

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