Yes, we are on the move again. After almost three years in Johnstone Place we are leaving North Adelaide tomorrow to go and settle ourselves in the Adelaide Hills. It is with a little sorrow that we depart, because this place has brought us great memories: our first arrival in Aussie, the BBQ's with friends and family, the lively atmosphere of the city and of course Nora's first year. And remember the owl on our patio when she was born? It's been a great start for us, but we are happy to move on. Next chapter is called Bridgewater !

Meanwhile Nora has decided she wants to be packed and shipped in the big box ....


Anonymous said…

Ha ha! They don't need any expensive toys :) John loved boxes until he was about ten years old. A box could be a house, a car, a bus, a boat, a train - anything. It was just the lack of imagination that put an end to what a box could be.
When he was about 1 year old, it was the telephone book and my measurement tape that was the best toys. He could "reed" the telephone book for ours an turned the pages one by one and it was so exiting to reed..

Best of luck in your new home!! Don't rush! You have plenty of time to fix the things needed to be fixed :)
Anonymous said…
Ship her to Ijsselstein ;-). We won't mind to have a happy moving box in the house. We'll promise to send her back after a few weeks

Anonymous said…
Hahaha this makes filling boxes a funny job to do!!! and how said that kids are being spoild by toys, just give them a box:-)

Love paulus

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