Waiting ....

In order to immigrate you need to be either brave, stupid, opportunistic, naive or a true optimist. Usually immigrants are a mix of all that, and this is certainly true for us. But did you know that out of all personal qualities the one that you need most is patience? Patience and faith …

Boy, did we become experts in waiting. Last year we waited twenty weeks for a document from Australia that anyone could have typed in two minutes, stating that indeed Jan's diploma's were true. And now we are already waiting since half February for the final visa approval. And so far nobody has even looked at our files @##$^%#$%. They are just laying there! Small detail of course is that we already quit our jobs, sold the house and booked the trip. Can you understand that we are getting a little nervous by now?

So we keep breathing, and tell ourselves every day: have patience, have faith. Or like the Aussies say:  "No worries mate" !!!


Anonymous said…
Hi there! No worries, it's going to be there. Probably delivered at our house by the time we are in Thailand. Very nice for my parents and TNT express! See you at Midsummer! Hugs
Anonymous said…
I understand that it must be frustrating. But keep up the faith!
You will get it! :)

Anonymous said…
Hi There Sweeties,

It's coming closer and closer and even though I do not say it much..
I will miss you both! (very much ofcourse!)

hugs and kisses

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